Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

Some things you should know about me

·      I’m addicted in:
o   Fashion
o   fashion blog
o   lip gloss
o   emails – and every other kind of online communication
o   soya milk
·     I buy nearly everything online – I use also my mobile phone for online shopping
·     I love to make appointments for dentists and hairdresser online  - but there a less pages for doing this
·     I Love the Ruhrpott

·     I hate it if somebody next to me eat noisily
·     Who wants to be happy continuously has to make changes
·     Book, which I’m reading: “Ich arbeite in einem Irrenhaus” („I’m working in a madhouse“)  - I bet that everyone can confirm minimum one point from this book  from their own experience
·     Love tattoos and tattooed guys

·     I’m a boarder and surfer

·     I love New York City 

·     My favorite breakfast: Oat meal
·     I like to start the Sunday with a green tea, fresh fruits and a couple of episodes of sex and the city or lipstick jungle
·     My favorite places in my apartment: my big couch and the terrace
·     I'm a workaholic
·     I’m in love with numbers
·     I kiss better than I cook – but I’m good in making microwaves popcorn
·     I’m following Kendra Wilkinson on twitter
·     I’m a David Kirsch and Billy Blanks fan
·     I can’t imagine a life without a mobile phone and notebook
·     I don’t know how many shoes I have
·     I have a big wardrobe but nothing to wear 

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